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Who We Serve

Experienced, Certified, and Supportive Teachers Serve All Students and Families

For the past thirty years, I have prided myself on being an integral part of the successes of students. I thoroughly enjoy working with a full range of students and their families:

*students who need focused and targeted instruction in reading, written expression, and mathematics

* students who are not meeting their full potential

* gifted students

* students that are twice-exceptional

* bright students who may not qualify for GAIT because of testing anxiety so we help them learn techniques to help them gain confidence in a testing situation

* students who just miss qualifying for the GAIT program and require additional alternative Psychological Testing. I reach out to Psychologists outside Washoe County School District to administer the appropriate tests 

* students who lack organizational skills and need support and direction getting systems started and I coach/monitor them until they can successfully be self-managers

* students whose confidence has been impeded, so we work to teach them where they are at and build the necessary foundation

* motivated and creative students who struggle with time management

* students who are bright, but their motivation has not caught up with their abilities

* quiet students who need to be nurtured and guided to ask questions and to advocate so they learn how to get their educational needs met

* students who have difficulty in a specific content area and just need additional support 

* students going through family separations or divorces and parents wanting someone to aide in communication regarding the management of daily education, homework, and helping to develop consistencies in two environments 

* students whose behaviors interfere with them getting the most out of their learning 

* students who are on Individual Educational Plans or 504 plans and parents needing support in meetings, interpreting information within the many drafts of the IEP, and understanding the differences between an IEP and 504 Plan.

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