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Together Bridging Educational Gaps offering: Parent Consults & Specialized Individualized Tutoring or Small Group Instruction

Our Educational Coaching Model goes well beyond traditional tutoring. We academically and organizationally coach students and parents no matter the students' learning model.

In an effort to support our clients through this ever-changing landscape of education. Together Bridging Educational Gaps creates individual support for children and parents. 

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Our Story

Experienced Coaching Professional 

I am an impassioned educator who is a dually certified Nevada licensed teacher. I hold a K-8 Elementary certification and K-12 Special Education certification for both children with unique learning needs and those designated gifted/talented. I proudly taught for W.C.S.D and private schools for over 25 plus years.

In 2010, after 23 plus years of being a teacher in Washoe County, I entered into early retirement. Teaching as I knew it was changing.  The focus on test results was deemed more important than developing empowered learners who held a love of learning.

I thought of becoming a traditional tutor, although I knew having a child tutored is only a snippet of the resources required to help a child meet their full potential.

In my discussions with parents, I became aware, parents were needing significant support and guidance navigating the bewildering maze of schooling their child.

  • How is my child really doing?

  • What do these MAP scores really mean?

  • How can I help my child to grow academically?

  • Why don’t I see returned graded work as I did with my older children?

  • My child's teacher says, "He or she is underperforming."

  • How do I as a parent get to support the online work my child is doing when I am told, "I already did my homework and turned it in, so I can't show you."

I listened to parents' time and time again communicate they felt detached about their own child’s learning. They expressed a desire to know where their child was academically in comparison to their same-age peers, both locally and nationally.

Parents discussed discrepancies between grades given and the merits of the work they witnessed brougt home. They even said, "He got an A on a written assignment, but there were multiple errors throughout the essay. How can that happen?"

Lastly, a pattern was developing amongst parents that spoke to genuine concerns regarding too much standardized testing, MAPS testing, and the reliance on this data as the sole use of progress monitoring. The parents of classical students, students on IEP's, students on 504's, and Gifted students wanted more specific summary information. Parents said, "Composite scores and getting the benchmark term "below standard", "meets standard" or "exceeds standards" does not give me specific guidance to help my child move to the next level."

Together Bridging Educational Gaps was born in August 2011. It is a model that was developed to support parents and students so they could receive Educational Coaching that would help them fill in "their" gaps. The individual child is the focus. 

Our goal is for our students to achieve success and find joy in their learning. The student will develop a sense of pride and empowerment as they navigate the elements of their education. They begin to formulate their own interests and passions and they feel included and supported by a team.

TBEG’s model is a holistic approach that includes academic coaching based on each individual student's needs (and their unique family needs). As your Educational Coach, we work with parents and students to build the bridges necessary for successful and fulfilling life-long learning.


“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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